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Most of us have heard this term, at least in passing, but to refresh…  Schadenfreude is generally taken to mean deriving joy from another’s misfortune, or other’s taking joy in yours.  It’s seen a few headlines since the turn of the new century/millenium and been the basis of a few TV episodes, as well, most notably with James Spader’s character Alan Shore on ABC’s series Boston Legal.

This is generally one of those human attributes which are frowned upon and, when possible, ignored altogether.  I rather enjoy the word, and it’s very human pretext, though I try not to overly indulge in it.  This week, however, I did.  I know it’s only Wednesday evening, but it’s been a lousy week.  I haven’t felt well, fitful nights have been even less restful than usual (hard to believe it’s possible, but it is), and work has been … trying.

And today I got to take pleasure in someone else’s bad fortune.  (And, really, they deserved it anyway.)  The downtown area near where I work is fairly old with narrow streets and limited parking.  To visit one of the small shops along main street, you have to park a couple blocks away or right on the street (if you’re quick enough to snag a space).  But main street is also part of the truck route so you have to be careful about how you park.  As I traversed the street I noticed, with what might be described as joy, that a large Cadillac Escalade barely out of my lane had sacrificed a mirror to its owner’s stupidity and/or ineptness.  Either way, I got a good laugh as I drove by the monstrous vehicle and it’s mirror – casing broken, glass spiderwebbed with cracks, hanging by a few wires … quite a sad affair.  A small thing, to be sure, hardly even a hiccup for the owner (if you can afford an Escalade, what’s a mirror?).  But for me…  Schadenfreude at it’s finest.

It made my week.

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