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Just so you don’t think I’ve gone and abandoned you, I hereby give notice that I will disappear for the next couple weeks.  Fear not, faithful visitors, I will return in early May with tales of mystery and intrigue.  Or at least stories of waiting in line for the requisite frisking by TSA agents in case I’m trying to smuggle a thermos of coffee that endangers national security.  (Really, my coffee isn’t that bad.  Honest.  Well, okay, not usually…)  However, if they catch me with a muffin, it may well be June before I make bail – if I make bail on such a horrendous charge.  (In the newest regulations, I belive it’s a felony to even consider trying to sneak a pastry and/or bread-based product on board.)  And lord have mercy if they discover my gel insoles…

For those staying put, consider yourselves lucky, but still be safe.  If you’re traveling, too, then I wish us both luck.  Remember to bring your toothbrush, a spare pair of drawers, and a huge helping of god-like patience.  Heaven help us all.

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