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For the faint of heart … look away!  It only gets worse!

Now, for the rest of you … I just watched the best South Park episode, maybe ever.  It was 30 minutes of hilarity, even more so than usual.  The overwhelming political incorrectness of everything in this show combined in perfect harmony and I laughed until my side hurt.  Cartman using a switch-like cane to beat on an ethnic kid trying to play basketball … Mr. Garrison chasing an escaped research mouse – with a flopping penis on its back – through houses and hotels, restaurants and parking lots.  It was brilliant.  Absolutely brilliant.

My first taste of South Park was the Bigger, Longer, and Uncut movie, which played on a local broadcast station late at night.  It was just so … wrong.  But in all the right ways.  I was immediately hooked and have watched the show since.  Some of the episodes are just entertaining (which is the basic goal anyway, right?) but some sail far beyond that into the scarcely charted territories of perverted perfection.  They are funny and satirical, a heavy-handed social farce balanced with derision and, not uncommonly, toilet humor.  It’s wonderful.  And tonight’s episode should go down in the books under “How It’s Done.”

Mr. Parker, Mr. Stone, keep up the great work.

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