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I hate drama.

And I don’t use the word “hate” lightly.  When drama comes to me, I generally handle it well enough during the “storm,” if you will, the chaotic heart of the beast.  It’s after the squall, when the winds begin to calm, that I start wondering if the worst has passed or if it’s merely an eye and worse is really yet to come.  I consider such interruptions to my daily life rarely welcome, especially if they happen to be of some unpleasant sort. 

But for some, especially a younger faction of the population, drama seems a sign of importance, as well as a means of entertainment, so they invent it whenever possible.  It likely adds spice to an otherwise humdrum afternoon; a mediocre morning might become downright exciting with the right dramatic creation.  A bit of direction and these youth would make fantastic engineers, for the mountains they construct from mere grains of sand dwarf even Olympus Mons.  (I believe it is an unrealized and untapped talent, possibly even an alternate energy source worth further scrutiny.)

For others, the drama seems drawn to them like iron to a magnet.  It appears in their lives wholly unbidden, unwelcome, yet appears there all the same.  Call me old-fashioned, archaic, of prehistoric rationale, but I believe in family curses, in predisposition to bad luck, and in doing one’s best to avoid the worst of both.  Of course, the worst can never be avoided.  At best, in striving to avoid the worst the damned among us may unwittingly sidestep an average unpleasantry.  No amount of effort will ever result in anything greater.  However, striving for anything less is tantamount to throwing in the towel and dooming one’s self completely.

So for the dramatically magnetic, the cursed, the damned in us all, I hope March ushers in a lovely new season full of peace and calm and, if we are lucky, a bit of the old mediocre humdrum.


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