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In a terrible fit of bored channel-surfing, I stumbled across a show on … MTV?  VH1?  one of those guys … in which an aging has-been plays “eligible bachelor #1” in the search for true love…again.  Or at least a hot new groupie.

The bachelor?  Bret Michaels, who lead for some 80’s band that was terribly popular and probably sported enough big hair and make-up to give Tammy Faye Baker and Dolly Parton a run for their money.  That aside, he’s looking for a woman who could be his missus and what better place to do that than a reality TV show – for the second time (apparently, his first attempt at reality romance failed).  And, far be it from me to speak ill of others (hey, stop laughing) but … most of the women on the show don’t exactly seem to be missus material.  They don’t even seem nice.  Like 99.9% of all reality women, they are catty, malicious, deceptive, and ruthless in their pursuit of victory. 

And it is simply “victory” I think they pursue.  Because, while they may be attracted to Bret Michaels – or his money, or his faded fame – in my heart I cannot believe any of these women actually “love” him.  They spend little time together with him and most of the women’s time and energy is focused on out-manuvering the competition, i.e. each other.  How romantic.  And, perhaps this is merely a side-effect of years surrounded by horny groupies, but these women seem very … eager.  As in easy.  Dare I say … loose?  (I did.  I dared.) 

So, essentially, it looks like a gaggle of shameless, mean, manipulative, gold-digging whores chasing a man they hardly know and baring all in front of an audience of millions …

Be still, my heart…   What’s not to love?

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